Even if you are not interested in the position, never turn down an opportunity for a job interview. It may have been many years since you’ve had a job interview or perhaps you’ve never had to do a job interview. Every interview you have will make you more comfortable with the process. If you are like most people, you find that job interviews are far and few between during your job search. However, if you have been doing informational interviews throughout your job search, the time between job interviews won’t feel so long. Most people don’t know how to network or do very little networking once they are unemployed. This means the only chance they have to practice  the critical skill of building rapport is during their job search and while job interviewing. Each time you are given a chance to interview, you’ll have an opportunity to practice and build rapport. Every time you interview, the process will get a little easier. Remember, you are always in control of the process. Even if a job offer is made, you don’t necessarily have to accept it.

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